This week is Neurodiversity Celebration Week which runs from the 21st to 27th March. The team at IHRS previously wrote about celebrating neurodiversity in an article published in December 2021

This article will focus on the business benefits of cognitive diversity, which goes hand in hand with neurodiversity and a growth mindset.

A lack of cognitive diversity in the workplace is where everyone in the company thinks in the same or a similar way. This may not seem like an issue to begin with; however, there is clear, robust research that supports the agreement that cognitive diversity enhances innovation and companies produce the best results when their team members do not all think, process information or see the world in the same way. You can have two teams of individuals of equal talent, and research shows the diverse teams will be the more creative because it is almost impossible to develop an innovative solution or strategy without diversity of ideas.

Business leaders with growth mindsets want to surround themselves with different, but valuable perspectives. For example, in a growth mindset culture, leaders want to surround themselves with employees who hear ideas and then challenge each other towards an alternative way of thinking – rather than simply nodding along.

The importance of trust

There is a link between a growth mindset and psychological safety. 

So what is psychological safety? It is where people are free to speak up and express their ideas without the fear of punishment or humiliation.

People say what they think in psychologically safe environments without worrying about what the group or leader wants to hear. In a growth mindset culture, a leader wants to hear alternative ideas so that they be can safely be challenged. People who want to learn from others naturally and organically in a cognitive diverse culture and environment can collectively enhance their intelligence to get the best business solutions. So trust is essential and no one in a team should be afraid to speak up.

How to utilise cognitive diversity and growth mindset?

The most straightforward way to utilise cognitive diversity is through analysis. The use of data will determine the kind of cognitive diversity or growth mindset you need, and that is how companies optimise this approach to business.

Cognitive diversity within organisations is not only important socially and politically, but in straightforward performance terms, it can enhance profitability, staff retention, reputation and employee and client satisfaction.

When cognitively diverse employees are given job roles that support their skills and abilities, they, like most neurotypical employees, often report increased confidence and self-esteem.

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