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About us

Every company will have HR needs regardless of size. Our aim is to take the heavy lifting out of HR with our team of experts…


For many of our clients this process has significantly increased their level of HR compliance and rigour, which satisfies the regulators and provides employees with trust in their employer and confidence that they are being treated fairly.

How it works

You will be asked to complete a survey which closely examines your current regulatory HR compliance policies and procedures. In addition, we will require access to your HR policy documents and templates (such as staff handbooks, contracts of employment, process document etc).

Our team will expertly review all the procedures and documents and determine where they need to be strengthened, enhanced, created from scratch, or aligned more succinctly to others. Drawing from our industry experience, we will then produce a defined list of recommendations and help you implement these changes by providing ongoing guidance and access to a range of solutions, tailored to your individual business requirements.

Download our HR Audit explainer