For peace of mind that your HR documents are up to date.

You didn’t start a business because of your love of all the paperwork and administration

There’s a reason why big firms become successful. Their people. Without a happy and confident workforce, firms simply would not be able to grow and maintain that growth. This is why human resources management is so important and why so many larger firms invest in dedicated HR management teams.

As a small firm, you will feel that you do not need a dedicated HR employee and we agree with you. It’s expensive and you already have good relationships with your staff. That’s the one major benefit that you have over the big firms, you know your staff and you have a good working relationship with them.

What you may struggle with, is keeping up to date with the changes to employment law, making sure your staff contracts and handbooks are compliant and dealing with the odd query from staff that you are not quite sure about.

Insurance HR Solutions is a specialist HR support partner for the insurance industry. We understand both the complexities of employment law and the increasing burden of FCA regulation on your firm and people management. Not many HR firms can say that.

We have designed a proportionate solution for small insurance intermediaries that allows you to make sure that the documents that you use are up to date, compliant with employment law and that most importantly are suitable for firms working in an FCA regulated environment:

All services are subject to a minimum 12 month contract.

If you would like a service that provides more HR advice on a monthly basis, then please take a look at our other packages.


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