Pick and mix

Pick and mix

About Us

About us

Every company will have HR needs regardless of size. Our aim is to take the heavy lifting out of HR with our team of experts…


At IHRS we offer two service options for you to decide which best suits your needs

You can choose between discrete one-off consultancy pieces (on a day or half day basis), designed for when you need guidance through a certain case or specialist advice on a specific issue…


Sign up for our support on a retained basis.

Choose 1, 2, or 3 consultancy days per month, at a reduced rate, which can be tailored to your individual business requirements. We can advise on specific issues, examine your day-to-day HR practices, review HR collateral (e.g. staff handbooks, contracts and job descriptions) and more!

Plus, when you sign up on retainer you automatically join the HR Club which grants you access to our HR helpline (direct phone and email support) and entrance to the IHRS HR Vault where you can find our latest HR newsletters and download professionally created templates, forms and calculators.